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Discover Sapa


Fansipan Pinnacle 

​Fansipan is the most famous exotic destination with its geographic position located northwest of Vietnam. At the height of 3143 meters above sea level, Fansipan Mountain Range is considered the rooftop of the three Indochina countries (Laos, Vietnam and Cambodia).
Fansipan cable car station located in Fansipan Legend Tourist Area is about 3km from The Ancient Stone Church of Sapa. You can catch a taxi or walk to the cable car station. The price for a taxi is about 40,000 - 50,000 VND, the travel time is about 10 minutes. If walking takes about 30 minutes. There is an access road sign so you can easily get to the station without having to find your way or ask for more.
Ticket price :
Adult: 600.000VND / person
Children from 100 centimeter to 130 centimeter of height: 400,000VND / person.
Children under 100 centimeter of height: Free.

Terraced Fields in Lao Chai - Ta Van

Lao Chai – Ta Van is the most interesting and beautiful walk in Sapa. You can go through Cat Cat village and Muong Hoa valley to Lao Chai (these villages are inhabited by the H'mong people). Finally, passing through Ta Van, where the Dzay lives, tourists can find a gorgeous terraced valley.
When being seen from afar, the terraced rice fields look like an exquisite picture of new crop begins, green rice grows and the lush field struck by weathered granite rock and mountain cliffs, which colors changed seasonally. As usual in April and May,  the surface of terraced fields reflects the contrast of the reddish brown of soil, the deep blue of the sky high above and the green of surrounding forests. In June and July, the terraced rice fields and forest trees spread the green out to the entire area, from the foot to top of mountains, before disappearing in mist. In September and October, when hen the rice fields are ripe, the picture color turns into gold. Thus, striking terraced rice fields coupled with distinctive cultural practices of local ethnic minority groups have created the uniqueness of the northern mountainous area.

Ham Rong Mountain, the ideal place to see panoramic in Sapa

Ham Rong Mountain located in the heart of the town, is the ideal place to enjoy panoramic views of Sapa. This is a tourist destination invested and looked after very well in Sapa with distinguished flower gardens. Climbing to the top of the mountain, travellers can take a picture of the entire town and zoom in to Fansipan. On cloudy and misty days, visitors also can stand here and see the scenery in the beautiful clouds.
Ticket price: 70.000VND/ person

The Ancient Stone Church

Located in the center of the town, The Ancient Stone Church, which is a well-known ancient works inspired by French architecture, built in 1895. The Cathedral is also called "Our Lady of the Rosary", designed in Gothic style, with dome, glass windows painted the life of Jesus. Experiencing ups and downs, The Ancient Stone Church still stands out and becomes a ancient symbol of Sapa. In front of the church is the square, where the traditional music of ethnic minorities are performed in the weekend, and where Dao women as well as H'Mong women sell brocade products.

Thac Bac Waterfall

The nature has bestowed Silver Waterfall Sapa to become one of the indispensable tourist addresses in the journey of discovering Sapa. Far from center of Sapa about 10km, Thac Bac Waterfall located on the road to Tram Ton. On the way to get there, visitors can vertically see and hear the breathtaking beauty of Thac Bac. The waterfall falls down from the height of more than 100m. Standing at the foot of Thac Bac, looking at the pristin and majestic mountains from afar, tourists seem to be overwhelmed and attracted by the magnificence of nature. At the foot of Silver Falls, there is a salmon farm that travellers can visit and eat fresh salmon.

Sky Gate

Near Thac Bac Waterfall, travellers can find Sky Gate. Beneath the deep abyss, primitive forest contains a lot of mysterious and beautiful scenery. The sky gate is located on the side of the border between Lai Chau and Lao Cai. Although it is quite far from the center of the city and the road is unclear, visitors would never want to miss this chance to see this heart-catching beauty.

Thac Tinh Yeu (Love Waterfall), Suoi Vang (Golden Stream)

Love Waterfall and Golden Stream lie in Tram Ton area, which is 12 kilometers far from Sapa town. In order to get there, visitors need to walk through the gate and follow the sidewalk of Golden Stream. Love Waterfall is known as the most pristin and beautiful destination that normally has rainbow in summer. It also reflects the old romantic love story but being forbidden between a fairy lady and a woodman in O Quy Ho. Because of missing this woodman, the fairy become a bird to find her beloved lover.
Tiket price: 70.000 VND/ person

O Quy Ho Peak

About 100 meters far from Tram Ton area, O Quy Ho is not only the longest pass in Vietnam, but also is the ideal landmark to watch sunset in Sapa. At 5:30 pm daily, the sun will dive behind the mountains, and turns into the romantic and stunning scene. 

Ta Phin, the village of the Dao Do’s community

Ta Phin is the village where the Dao Do community lives in. They are famous for the organic remedies for fatigue joint disease. Moreover, in Ta Phin, you can visit the ruined monasteries and the bathing method of the Dao Do. Service charge per bath is 80.000VND/person. You can also buy bottled water in the bottle as a gift for your loved ones.

Cau May Old Town

Cau May Old Town is an attractive destination that visitors should not miss. This landmark mostly serves traditional grilled foods; embroidered clothing and brocade products of the Dao H'mong and Dzay; massage; cafe and pub. Along the sidewalk, In the evening you can visit Cau May to have a traditional barbeque of ethnic minorities with cafe or beer with friends.
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